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  • Experienced in commercial and residential installations
  • We service clients from individuals to corporates
  • We service primarily the Johannesburg area
  • Specialise in design, installation and servicing of all types of airconditioners
  • Choose from one-off mobile units, to wall mounted units, to split system units

We supply Air Conditioners to various kinds of clients such as medical facilities, government departments, schools, residential homeowners, retail centers and even corporate office parks. Thus in turn we cover a wider scope of clientele to deliver the best possible service.

Our aircon technicians are fully trained and qualified to ensure you receive the best air conditioning unit for your rooms or buildings. They are also encouraged to provide you with the necessary information you need regarding your installed unit, also to advise you how to use it effectively and any warnings related to it.

We offer a wide spectrum of airconditioners, and also install units, service and repair them when necessary. We have a quick response time and our technicians are trained and qualified in a wide variety of air conditioning units and models. We ensure that our clients stay informed with all necessary details regarding our air conditioners. And thus our clients will always be informed of the most appropriate units suited for them, the economy levels of those units, and the safety precautions that should be taken. We take care in explaining and discussing the various options regarding our units that would fit our clients’ needs perfectly.

Our various units for airconditioning can be mounted and installed in various sections of a room or building. They can be wall mounted (designed for low-noise), ducted type (user-friendly suitable for medium sized houses and shops), rooftop types (also user-friendly and suitable for shops and medium sized houses), ceiling mounted (suitable for restaurants or meeting rooms), under-ceiling type (is remote controlled and low-noise), and then there is the floor standing type.

Our prices are affordable to suit your financial needs. We have reasonable unit, call out, repair, installation and services pricing. We are only concerned to keep our clients satisfied and happy with our services.